Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Learn, train, play, laugh, and get fit in 2016!

I am still trying to find students who would like to learn one of the world's greatest martial arts - Chinese "Xinyiliuhequan" (Heart and Mind in Six Harmonies Boxing).

I have been training in (and teaching) this beautiful, accessible art for going on 20 years, now, and I would really love to find students to share it with, and train with, in Victoria. For about $5/class you get pretty much private / semi-private (small group) lessons in an incredible art.

I hope to encourage anyone who would like to come and sample some kung fu this year to check it out. Please see the "schedule and location" tab on my blog (www.sixharmonyconsulting.com). And, please share with anyone you think might be interested! I know that I have a lot to share with interested students.

It is certainly my mission to cater my teaching to what people want to get out of martial arts and how they want to use martial arts to enhance their mental and physical wellness - not just in the gym but out into their daily lives.

All good things to all,



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