My name is Sean Boulet (formerly Corman) and I have been fascinated with martial arts since the first time I watched The Karate Kid as a boy in the 1980s...

A very "gung ho" Sean, circa 1986
As a child, I practiced Tae Kwon Do, and other martial arts, before being fortunate enough to begin learning Xinyiliuhequan (aka Xinyi) in 1997. For the past 15+ years I have practiced and taught Xinyi in Winnipeg, Calgary, and, most recently, Victoria, BC. I am fortunate in having had excellent teachers and training partners over the years.

Grandmaster Yu Hua Long, Shanghai, 2003

Hands-on instruction and correction, 2003
While living in Shanghai in 2003, I also had the incredible honour of being a private student of the late Grandmaster Yu Hua Long. Learning from Grandmaster Yu in China was a childhood dream come true for me. I was directed by Grandmaster Yu to continue to teach the art of Xinyliuhequan to students dedicated to using martial arts as a positive influence on people’s lives and the world.

Master and student, 2003
My favourite thing about any type of true gong fu practice is that it means one is always learning and always trying to improve. Martial arts training experiences have been among some of the best times in my life - and have been both hard work and a lot of fun. That said, when I have faced some very significant challenges and setbacks in my life, my dedication to, and continuous practice of, Xinyiliuhequan and the teachings of Grandmaster Yu Hua Long have helped to see me through.

Grandmaster Yu and his wife critiquing my "snake form" in 2008
Getting very sweaty in 2008 - bringing back so many wonderful, sweaty memories of training in 2003
I believe that learning Xinyi should be a welcoming, enjoyable, and accessible experience for anyone with a sincere interest in the art – regardless of background, age, gender, or current fitness level. My classes include both group instruction as well as time for individualized practice and coaching.

2-person drills, Victoria, 2012

I am interested in teaching students and developing training partners who are committed to self-refinement and using Xinyi to become both stronger (in mind, body, and spirit) and more compassionate human beings. Respect for both the physical safety and the dignity of fellow students is imperative and non-negotiable. While I am certainly committed to the importance of the "martial" aspect of martial arts, my primary interest is in applying Xinyi, and its lessons, to the goals and challenges of everyday life.

Master and student, 2008
Outside of my interests in Xinyi and Chinese tea (cha dao / gong fu cha), I have degrees in both History (1996) and Medical Rehabilitation (2001). I am particularly experienced in the field of mental health and have worked with individuals and groups of all age ranges. While continuing to work in health care, I am also furthering my professional knowledge and skills by pursuing a Master’s Degree in Public Health (with a focus in Health Promotion). I am a voracious reader and lifelong learner. I also enjoy cycling, swimming, yoga, and getting outdoors with my wife as much as possible to enjoy the greater Victoria area. 
Outside beautiful Government House in Victoria, BC, 2012
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in learning more about group classes or private lessons.

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